Change dressing

In patients with an indwelling catheter for long-term intermittent drainage of pleural effusion and ascites, we recommend to change the dressing at least twice a week.


desinficera huden

1| Clean the skin around the catheter exit site and the catheter from the exit site towards the valve with chlorhexidine alcohol. When the skin around the catheter is dry, you can put on the new dressing.

placera skumgummiplattan

2 | Place the foam catheter pad around the catheter.

rulla ihop katetern mot skumgummiplattan

3 | Wind the catheter into loops and place it over the foam catheter pad.

täck katetern med kompresser

4 | Cover the catheter and the foam catheter pad with gauze pads.

6 | Apply the transparent, waterproof self-adhesive dressing contained in the drainage set.

NOTE: Dispose of bandage material according to local regulations.

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