This is how patients with pleural effusion and ascites can celebrate Christmas and New Year at home

03 september 2020

Patients who need a tunneled drainage catheter (PleurX/PeritX) should have the implantation early to avoid repeated punctures and drainage. Plan well in advance!

Here are some tips from us. Does your patient have symptomatic recurrent pleural effusion or ascites? Can the patient take care of the drainage themselves or with the help of a relative? Self-care gives freedom and higher quality of life!

If the patient wants to perform the drainage themselves at home, we are happy to help by educating the patient and or relatives. We also train healthcare professionals, but during the Christmas holidays, we only train via Teams.

Do care units have educational materials and drainage products at home?

Keep in mind that there are limited weekdays during the Christmas holidays, so it may be advisable to order well in advance.

Orders for training and materials: Email:
Phone: 08-25 11 69

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at ewimed

Christina, Claudia, Gana, Helen, Johanna, Kerstin, Lena, Marie, Tomas, Rosita and all our instructional nurses.

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Andra inlägg

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