drainova® drainage set

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drainova® drainage set

Gentle and quick drainage of pleural effusion and ascites

drainova® drainage set with soft-vacuum technique combines a high flow rate from vacuumbottles with a gentle drainage by gravity. This product enables you to quickly and gently drain up to 1000 ml pleural effusion or 2000 ml ascites.

The reservoir is intended to be used with our indwelling catheters: PleurX™/PeritX™ catheter, drainova® catheter, or drainova® ArgentiC catheter.
Filling volume of the reservoir is 2000 ml.

Product information


2000 ml

Access tip, drainage line (1300 mm length)
with integrated check valve

Set contains
drainova® reservoir and drainova® dressing set

Minimum order quantity
1 case = 10 pieces, sterile

Features and benefits

  • constant pressure
  • smooth flow
  • patient safety – the unique connection prevents misconnections
  • A big and stable base plate prevents the reservoir from falling over by accident
  • Integrated check valve prevents air and fluid from flowing back

Content drainage set

drainova® reservoir, soft-vacuum

  • Adhesive dressing
  • Blue sterile drape
  • Sterile gloves, free of latex and powder
  • drainova® silicone cap, sterile
  • 3 alcohol pads (single packed, 70 % isopropylalcohol)
  • Emergency clamp
  • 4 gauze pads 102 mm × 102 mm
  • Foam catheter pad


Instructions for use

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